• Color Blending Gold Automotive Acrylic Paint High Gloss Liquid Coating State
  • Color Blending Gold Automotive Acrylic Paint High Gloss Liquid Coating State
Color Blending Gold Automotive Acrylic Paint High Gloss Liquid Coating State

Color Blending Gold Automotive Acrylic Paint High Gloss Liquid Coating State

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Mt yishili
Model Number: Acrylic Paint

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: ≥300 Liters
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: 15 cans or 6 cans per box. The package will be customized.
Delivery Time: 10-25 days from the date of order confirmation
Payment Terms: Visa, Paypal, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 18000 Cartons Monthly production
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Detail Information

Other Names: Acrylic Automotive Paint Mf: Mixture
Application Method: Spray Color: Transparent
Gloss: High Gloos State: Liquid Coating
Packing: Standard Export Carton Shelf Life: Two Years Before Being Opened,2 Years In Original Sealed Can
High Light:

1K Automotive Acrylic Paint


Semi Matte Automotive Acrylic Paint

Product Description


Acrylic automotive paint color blending gold paint for metal quality spray paint car spray paint tools




The film has good fullness, high gloss, high hardness, good adhesion, excellent mechanical properties, excellent gloss retention, weather resistance, wear resistance, good acid, alkali, alcohol and gasoline resistance


Scope of application:
It is applied to engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, injection molding machine equipment, generator equipment, environmental protection equipment, truck, train, ship, machine tool, shoe machine, textile machine, stone machine, woodworking machinery, large folding plate shearing machine and so on.


Color blending:
According to the sample color, or the international Pantone, Raul, international paint film standard color card for color matching, bright, high, flat, semi matte, full matte, etc



1. Substrate treatment
1. Remove rust, oil and old paint film. (TGM-603 degreaser is used)
2. Clean the bottom material
3. Spray phosphating primer
4. Wait for half an hour after cleaning
2. Epoxy primer
Applicable surface Original coating aluminum, steel, stainless steel, zinc steel zinc surface, polyester board, plywood, atomic ash
Volatilization time the interval between two layers is 5-10 minutes
Mix proportion tgm-408 epoxy primer:4
Special curing agent for grey epoxy primer:1
Epoxy thinner:1.5-2.0
Service life 20 ℃ 5 hours; 28 ℃ 4 hours;If the drying time exceeds 48 hours at 20 ℃, the iron red epoxy primer must be polished before spraying again
Spraying equipment and air pressure Gravity gun 1.2-1.5 mm 2-4 kg/cm Suction gun 1.4-1.8mm 3-5kg/cm
Spray 2-3 single coats
Temperature 10 ℃ 20 ℃   60 ℃
Non stick time 60 minutes 15 minutes   5 minutes
Drying time before grinding 16 hours 12 hours   50 minutes
Polish Before spraying: p80 dry grinding or wet grinding After spraying: p280-p380 dry grinding or p400-p800 wet grinding
3. Atomic ash
Mixing ratio Atomic ash: hardener=100:1-3
Process 1. Scrape and apply atomic ash on the body surface to fill in the surface defects
2. In the process of scraping, the deeper part of the depression shall be scraped several times to avoid sand holes and blisters caused by too thick film.
3. After the atomic ash is solidified, dry grind with p80 or p120 sandpaper.
4. According to the grade metal quality of the body surface, the atomic ash can be repeatedly scraped and coated for many times to ensure the surface is smooth and free of defects.
5. Polish and repair after drying.
4. Two component mid coat
Applicable surface All kinds of original coatings, bare steel surface, atomic ash.
Not applicable to surfaces Stainless steel, galvanized steel and aluminium
Mixing ratio TGM-305 2K sealing primer: special curing agent for two-component primer : B-136 = 4:1:1.5-2.0
usage time 20 C for 4 hours
Spraying equipment and air pressure 1.4-1.6 mm 3-4 kg/cm gravity spray gun 1.7-1.8 mm 3-4 kg/cm suction spray gun
Spray 2-3 layers can be sprayed
Volatilization time The interval between the two layers is 5-10 minutes.
Drying time before grinding 20℃ 5-6 h 60℃ 30 minutes
Polish Dry grinding of P180-P280 before spraying or wet grinding of P400-P600 or P800-P1000 after spraying
5. 1K car paint
Applicable surface The original coating (except thermoplastic acrylic resin), all used for automotive undercoat products.
Not applicable to surfaces Alloy base, acrylic nitrate base paint.
Polish Before spraying: AP400-P600 dry grinding or P600-P800 wet grinding.
After spraying: not applicable
Spraying viscosity Allocation ratio
14-18 seconds (DLN4-20 C) 1 0.8-1
<15℃ 1K Metal Paint C-135 Fast Dry Thinner
15-25℃ 1K Metal Paint C-135 Standard Thinner
25-35℃ 1K Metal Paint C-135 Slow Dry Thinner
Spraying Tools and Air Pressure Gravity gun 1.2-1.5 mm 2-4 kg/cm
Suction gun 1.2-1.5 mm 2-4 kg/cm
Spraying method Two single layers or one single layer plus one double layer, each layer separated by 5 minutes
Drying time before spraying varnish 20-30min 20℃
Be careful 1.When spraying M, P series, be sure to pay attention to whether the front primer is properly treated, otherwise it can not be sprayed.
2.Metal paint and pearl paint can not be sprayed or floated when spraying water.
3.Whether the pearl paint can achieve the covering power, whether to do two processes to have a good basis for spraying.
6. 2K Solid Paint
Applicable Surface Original Coatings, All Used for Automotive Undercoat Products
Be careful Before spraying: P400-600 dry grinding or P800-P1000 wet grinding
After spraying: not applicable
Mixing ratio   2K plain paint Curing agent thinner
2 1 0.6-1
temperature <15℃ 2K plain paint C-300 Fast Dry Hardener C-135 Fast Dry Thinner
15-25℃ 2K plain paint C-300 Standard Hardener C-135 Standard Thinner
25-35℃ 2K plain paint C-300 Slow Dry Hardener C-135 Slow Dry Thinner
Spray Viscosity 13-18 seconds (DIN4/20 C)
usage time 20 C, 2 hours; 1.5 hours with quick-drying curing agent
Spray Spray one layer of fog, then wet spray two layers, each layer interval of 10-15 minutes
drying time temperature Non stick dust Touchable Dry solid
20℃ 1 hours 2-3 hours 24 hours
60℃ 5 minutes 10 minutes 60 minutes
Gun Nozzle: 1.2-1.4mm (Gravity Spray Gun)
1.3-1.5mm (Selectional Spray Gun)
Be careful 1. Make sure the car body is clean and dry before spraying.
2.Fish eye.
Rectify When spraying plain paint, small holes appear in the first layer of the surface, 3/1000 pearl water is added in the second layer of spraying paint.
7. Spray varnish
Applicable surface Surface of 1K Primer
Allocation ratio <15℃
Temperature and proportions temperature Varnish 2 Hardener 1 Thinner 0.3-0.8
<15℃ Clear Coat Fast Dry Hardener Fast Dry Thinner
15-25℃ Clear Coat Standard Hardener Standard Thinner
25-35℃ Clear Coat Slow Dry Hardener Slow Dry Thinner
Duration of service after mixing Dry fast for 1.5 hours and slow for 4 hours at 20 C
Spraying Tools and Air Pressure Gravity spray gun: 1.2-1.5 mm 3-4 kg/cm
Suction spray gun: 1.4-1.6mm 3-4kg/cm
Spraying method The first layer is sprayed with fog, and the second layer is sprayed with wet spraying. Each layer is 10-15 minutes apart.
Standing time before baking <15℃ Semih >25℃ 15 minutes
drying time 25℃ 24 hours 60℃ 30 minutes
8. Polishing and waxing
1. First, use sand paper P1200 or P1500 as a water mill to grind the dust particles on the surface of the paint layer.
2. Polish with rough wax and remove the sandpaper grain until the paint surface is glossy and smooth.
3. Use polishing wax water as surface polishing and protection luster to maintain long-term.
Be careful Do not wash the wool ball with corrosivity. The wool ball must be free of sand dust or hard objects.




Notes :
1. When the temperature is lower than 15 ℃ , air dry is not recommended , it's better to dry in baking room at 60 ℃
2. When the temperature is higher than 30 ℃ , you should add retarder in thinner to avoid blushing , pls refer to the retarder technical detail .
3. When fisheyes apprear during application , pls add 0.5-1% anti-silicon in the remain paint and respray.
4. At the edge of old paint and new paint film , you can apply joining agent as to achieve a perfect transition , pls refer to tthe joining agent technical detail .
5. When mix with hardener , harnish should use oiut soon and can not store for future use .
6. Use thinner to clean all spray tool immediately after application or it will hard to clean when drying .

matters needing attention:
1. The coating (including diluent) shall be sealed in a cool place, waterproof, leakproof, sunscreen, high temperature proof and far away from the fire source.
2. The storage period of paint is one year. Please use it up within one year to avoid affecting the quality.
3. After opening the tank, the paint shall be stirred evenly. The residual paint at the bottom of the tank shall be washed with diluent and mixed into the color mixing tank to prevent the color difference caused by the sink of the paint.
4. After the main agent and curing agent are mixed, the activation period of the paint added with diluent is about 6 hours, so it is used up on the day of deployment to prevent the curing from being invalid.
5. After spraying, the objects shall be placed in a dust-free environment for drying.

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