• Car Body Protection 2K Solid Paint Custom Color Liquid Coating State Durable
  • Car Body Protection 2K Solid Paint Custom Color Liquid Coating State Durable
Car Body Protection 2K Solid Paint Custom Color Liquid Coating State Durable

Car Body Protection 2K Solid Paint Custom Color Liquid Coating State Durable

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: FantasyColor
Model Number: 2K paint

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: ≥300 Liters
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: 4 cans or 18 cans per box. We can supply different carton size to meet your demand .
Delivery Time: 10-25 days from the date of order confirmation
Payment Terms: Visa, Paypal, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 18000 Cartons Monthly production
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Detail Information

Other Names: Auto Body Repair Painting Color: Purple ,green,Various,white And Customized
State: Liquid Coating Application Method: Spray
By Solvent: Oil Paint Type: Top Coat
Service: OEM/ODE Size: 1L,4L,20KG
Application: Spray,Auto Refinish Paint And Car Paint,Car Paints And Coating,Car Shelf Life: 2 Years In Original Sealed Can At Cool And Dry Place At 20℃
High Light:

2k automotive paint


2k car paint

Product Description

Custom car paint car paint protection body shop paint supplies




Good gloss retention, weather resistance, wear resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance

Bright color, good covering power

Product description

Applicable Surface Original Coatings, All Used for Automotive Undercoat Products
Be careful Before spraying: P400-600 dry grinding or P800-P1000 wet grinding
After spraying: not applicable
Mixing ratio   2K plain paint Curing agent thinner
2 1 0.6-1
temperature 15 2K plain paint C-300 Fast Dry Hardener C-135 Fast Dry Thinner
15-25 2K plain paint C-300 Standard Hardener C-135 Standard Thinner
25-35 2K plain paint C-300 Slow Dry Hardener C-135 Slow Dry Thinner
Spray Viscosity 13-18 seconds (DIN4/20 C)
usage time 20 C, 2 hours; 1.5 hours with quick-drying curing agent
Spray Spray one layer of fog, then wet spray two layers, each layer interval of 10-15 minutes
drying time temperature Non stick dust Touchable Dry solid
20 1 hours 2-3 hours 24 hours
60 5 minutes 10 minutes 60 minutes



Be careful 1. Make sure the car body is clean and dry before spraying.
2.Fish eye.
Rectify When spraying plain paint, small holes appear in the first layer of the surface, 3/1000 pearl water is added in the second layer of spraying paint.



Gun Nozzle: 1.2-1.4mm (Gravity Spray Gun)
1.3-1.5mm (Selectional Spray Gun)



Curing agent: two component color masterbatch paint, must add curing agent, otherwise it will not harden
Thinner: when spraying, add diluent to ensure that the paint is fully and completely dissolved. The volatile stability of diluent has a certain impact on the spraying effect
Usage: use after mixing, spray 2-3 layers, Polish after 15 hours at 22 ℃, and polish after 30 minutes at 70 ℃
Dosage reference: a car needs about 3 liters of Color Masterbatch, 1.5 liters of curing agent, 0.3 liters of diluent, 1L color masterbatch can spray 3-5square meters

Apply to: used paint surface treated with P800 ~ P1000 sandpaper, completely dry, and the surface of intermediate paint
Package:Can be customized,1L*18tins/carton 4L*4tins/carton
Shelf life:2 years in original sealed can at cool and dry place at 20℃



Construction common problems and Solutions Guide

1. Orange peel, orange peel


Phenomenon: the wrinkles like orange peel and grapefruit peel appear on the coating surface during spraying, which is mainly caused by the poor combination of the atomized fine paint particles which cannot flow to each other when they reach the paint surface
Remedy: after the paint surface is completely dry and solid, depending on the severity of orange peel wrinkles, remove the orange peel with ultra-fine sandpaper or coarse wax. If the condition is serious, use sandpaper to grind flat and then spray again


2. Sagging, trickling


Phenomenon: in the process of spraying and drying, the needle is hanging or the surface is inclined, and the coating film forms a flow mark from top to bottom or the bottom edge is green and thickened
Remedy: after the paint layer is completely dry, the flow hanging place shall be polished with ultra-fine sandpaper, or it shall be re sprayed after being polished and smoothed with fine sandpaper
3. Crack, crack
Phenomenon: the irregular fracture and crack of the paint film usually occur near the filled gap on the substrate or the edge green of the plate. The crack of the shaped film often forms irregular cracks. The depth of the crack of the paint film varies, and the more serious crack can reach the substrate
Remedy: when the crack is light and only affects the paint layer, polish the crack with sandpaper until it is exposed on the finished surface, and then spray the top coat again. If the crack penetrates the bottom coat, the paint layer in the defective area shall be completely removed and the base defect shall be completely repaired, and then spray again


4. Blistering


Phenomenon: during the coating process, the surface of the coating is bulked or bubbles are formed in the coating.
Remedy: polish the coating until all solvent blisters are removed, and then spray again


5. Particles, dust


Phenomenon: after coating, the bulge in the coating film is distributed in the whole local surface in the form of particles, which is called dust or foreign matter attached to the coating or wet coating film just after coating
Remedy: first let the paint film dry and firm completely. For slight particles, wet polish with fine sandpaper. Then polish and wax to make the luster reappear. If the impurity particles are deep enough, polish the paint film and spray again
1. The primer film must be polished and cleaned before spraying.
2. If the temperature is higher than 35 ℃, add white water. For details, see the description of chemical water. If the temperature is lower than 15 ℃, it is better to bake with 60 ℃ baking room.
3. During spraying, note that the flash drying time of 20c between layers is 5-10 minutes, and it can be heated and baked after 15-20 minutes of static.
4. To ensure the spraying effect, please use matching products.
5. Please use the corresponding curing agent and diluent for different temperature during construction
6. The paint film can be repaired or polished after it is completely dried and fixed according to the specified time.
7. If fish eye is found, stop work immediately, and add 0.5-1% anti fish eye agent hf450 to the remaining paint for spraying.
8. After use, please clean the spraying tools in time, otherwise it is difficult to clean them.

Saft Precautions :

1. Keep container in a well ventilated and cool place

2. Keep away from fire

3. Avoid contact with eye and skin

4. Wear suitable gloves and eyes protection

5. Don't empty into drains

6. Against static discharges


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