• High Gloss Slow Drying 2k Automotive Paint Hardener
High Gloss Slow Drying 2k Automotive Paint Hardener

High Gloss Slow Drying 2k Automotive Paint Hardener

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Forest Paint
Model Number: automotive paint hardener

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: ≥300 Liters
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: 15 cans or 12 cans per box. We can supply different carton size to meet your demand .
Delivery Time: 10-25 days from the date of order confirmation
Payment Terms: Visa, Paypal, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 20000 Cartons Monthly production
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Detail Information

Product Name: Automotive Hardener Gloss: High Gloos
Mf: Mixture Application Method: Spray
Service: OEM/ODM Shelf Life: 2-3 Years
Package: Carton,According To Client's Request,1L*15tins,1L/2L/2.5L,1L*15tins/carton 2L*12tins/carton Application: Auto Refinish Paint,Anti-rust Paint/Industrial Paint/Advertising Marking Paint,Car Protection,Medium,Car Paints And Coating
High Light:

2k Automotive Paint Hardener


Slow Drying Automotive Paint Hardener

Product Description


Automotive paint hardener auto base paint high gloss clear coat car paint restoration body shop paint supplies



Performance: accurate color,good leveling,easy to adjust color,good adhesion,high hardness,high brightness,plump lacquer,Specially designed for 2K topcoat and clear coat .



Application:used for all kinds of high - grade cars, commercial vehicles and mechanical equipment spray and repair coating.


Car Spray Standard/Fast/Slow Drying 2K Automotive Paint Hardener


Match With: 2k solid color and clear coat.


Application: Specially designed for 2k topcoat and clear coat.


Feature: Yellow resistant, High solid and High gloss.


The mixing ratio:(Clear coat/2k topcaot) : Hardener : Thinner = 2 : 1 : (0.5-1).


Available time: 20 ℃ can deposit for 2 hours after adding curing agent, (spraying mix, for 5 minutes)
Spraying viscosity: 13 ~ 15 seconds (DIN4 measuring cup) / + 20 ℃)
Spraying pressure: 0.3 ~ 0.5 MPa (3 ~ 5 kg /Square meters)
Spray coating: 3 times, 40~60 microns in total
Interval of each floor: 3~5 minutes


Shelf Life: 2 years in its original sealed can at cool and dry place at 20℃.



Recommended use

Slow-Drying:Suitable for use at above 25℃, for applying a large area.

Standard Drying:Suitable for use at between 15℃-25℃, common hardener.

Fast-Drying:Suitable for use at under 15℃, for applying vertical surface or small area.



Drying Time 20℃ 1h 2-3 hours 24h
Drying Time 60℃ 5 minutes 10 minutes 60 minutes



construction technology:


1. Clean&Shade

Remove wax oil and other impuritieswith deoiling detergent Examine andassess the location and extent of damage.


2. Grind damaged parts

Grinding with abrasive paper(#80# 2000). Dry grinding withsandpaper(#80, 120, 180) first.


3. Dust cleaning

Use a degreaser to remove greasefrom the workpiece.


4. Fill& Grind

Add thne hardener I proportionmix and fill the putty, Sanding(#80. 120, 180) after drying.


5. Clean &Grind

Clean the surface again, and thenfinely grind the filling to the leveof the paint.


6. Spray primer surfacer

Mix and spray primer according toproduct requirements, each layerneeds to be matte.


7. Grind primer surfacer

After the primer is dried, dry sandingpaper(3320-400)is used with atwo-way sander. Manual grindingon the edge(#600-800)


8. Clean & Wipe

Use a cleaner to clean the grease.and tack cloth to clear of dustand particles.


9. Spray 1K color paint

Add thinner as requiredspray2-3ayers, spray interval of 5-10nutes per layer.


10. Spray Varnish(clear coat)

Add hardener and thinner asrequired, spray two layerseach interval is 5-10 minutes.


11. Dry Bake

After the varnish is sprayed. it needbe allowed to stand for 10-15minutes can be baked or driednatur.


12. Waxing &Polish

Can be sanded with abrasivepaper(#2000)first if necessaryThen use related products forwaxing and polishing



Health hazard 1. Eye contact: it can cause eye irritation, redness, tears and blurred vision

2. Inhalation: inhalation of steam may cause irritation of nose and respiratory tract, dizziness, weakness, fatigue, nausea and headache

3. Skin: may cause skin irritation, skin may cause intestinal irritation, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
First aid measures 1. Quickly leave the site to the fresh air place. Keep respiratory tract unobstructed. Like breathing suffering, give oxygen. If the breathing stops, carry out artificial respiration and seek medical treatment immediately

2. Take by mistake: drink enough warm water, do not induce vomiting for comatose person, and see a doctor immediately

3. Skin contact: take off the contaminated clothes, wipe the pollutants and wash the eyes with a large amount of flowing water and soapy water or special detergent. Contact: wash the eyes with flowing water for 15 seconds. If you still feel irritation, see a doctor.



Main ingredients: Resins, Additives, Aromaticsolvents.

ETC Safety Measures: Keep away from sources of heatgnition and direct sunlight, Store between 5 and 25 Cin a dry, well ventilated place. Keep away fromxidizing agents, strongly alkaline and strongly acidmaterials. In case of inhalation. move to fresh airIf swallowed, do NOT induce vomiting, seek medicaladvice immediately In case of eye contact, irrigatecopiously with clean, fresh water for at least 10 minutes,seek medical advice immediatelash with soapand water after skin contact Wear suitable personalprotective equipments. Do not breathe vapor/spray.Avoid skin and eye contact. Please refer to technicaldatasheet from supplier for product applicationFire-fighting Measures: Use Universal aqueousfilm-forming foam, Carbon dioxide(CO2), Dry chemicalater spray Extinguishing media which shall not beused for safety reasons: High volume water jet




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