• Custom Acrylic Car Spray Paint , High Color Accuracy Metallic Blue Car Paint
  • Custom Acrylic Car Spray Paint , High Color Accuracy Metallic Blue Car Paint
Custom Acrylic Car Spray Paint , High Color Accuracy Metallic Blue Car Paint

Custom Acrylic Car Spray Paint , High Color Accuracy Metallic Blue Car Paint

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Shangfu
Model Number: 1K yellow blue black white grenn etc.

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: ≥300 Liters
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: 1L * 18 tins / ctn , 4L * 4 tins / ctn . We can supply different carton size to meet your demand .
Delivery Time: 7-10 work day
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 25000 Cartons Monthly production
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Detail Information

Brand Name: FantasyColor, Shangfu, Mt Yishili CAS No: NO
Type: Custom Automotive Paint Color: Yellow, Blue, Customized Colors, White, Optional
Package: Customized Package, Standard Export Carton Application: Car, Auto Refinish Paint And Car Paint, Auto Paint, Metal, Furniture Paint
Shelf Life: 2 Years In Original Sealed Can At Cool And Dry Place At 20℃, Cool And Dry Place At 25℃ Keywords: Auto Body Repair Paint, Auto Refinish Coatings
High Light:

1k automotive paint


1k acrylic car paint

Product Description


Car repair paint blue car paint car body filler acrylic car spray paint metallic car paint 1k auto paint


1K Solid Color Basecoat
• Extra quick dry and high quality finish.
• Superior inter-coat adhesion and reduces the possibility of mottling or unevenness in the finish.
• Good covering power and leveling.
• Complete color coverage range with outstanding color accuracy.




It is suitable for use as anti-rust primer for automobile primer, dock steel structure, shipyard, heavy machinery factory and chemical enterprise. Suitable for bare metal, aluminum, galvanized metal surface: dry hard and polished old paint.



1K Masterbatch series

Product name Product characteristics
1k Solid White High concentration, super white, excellent covering power. Applicable to full car spraying and color blending.
1K White Standard white, good hiding power for the deployment of color and a single spray.
1K Shenandoah White The front is golden,the side is the fog blue phase, has the intense changeable effect.
1K Throughly Black Often used in black, brown yellow direction,for the deployment of deep color metal colors.
1K Deep Black High density, good hiding power, with red and and yellow color sense.
1K Blue Phase Special Black High density, good hiding power,the blue phase sense, super black paint and deployment.
1K Super Black The highest blackness, excellent hiding power,with brown felt. All car spraying preferred.
1K Standard Blue The front and side of the bright blue sense of color.Suitable for the deployment of bright color blue.
1K Green Phase Blue Green phase of brilliant blue,blue green positive direction ,side blue color.
1K Brilliant Blue Positive green phase,inclined plane blue, bright blue.
1K Lake Placid Blue Partral green phase blue,blue color,the front view is relatively shallow,the side looks deeply.
1K Violet Blue A deep purple blue color,blue in the face,flank is purple.
1K Throughly Green The blue phase is green,the front is green,the side is blue,the front is bright,the flank is slightly dark.
1K Yellow Green Bright green,with yellow green,bright color,positive yellow green,the side of the green color.
1K Olive Green Yellow green,in front golden yellow,side of yellow green,relatively shallow. Has the effect of changing.
1K Violet And red purple,the color is good,the front is bright purple ,the side shows dark purple.
1K Medium yellow Red phase,inorganic yellow high hiding power,good weather resistance,bright.The front looks golden yellow,the side is green,has the lead chromium.
1K Lemon yellow Bright yellow,with green,in front of the yellow green,the side of the green,more shallow.Lead and chromium.
1K Yellow Mud Reddish yellow,yellow in front,the side is more deep,dark.
1K Transparent Golden yellow Orange yellow phase,positive golden yellow,side show green phase,brighter and more colourful.
1K Transparent Iron yellow Positive golden yellow with red phase,the side is bronze, brighter and more colourful.



Product description:




1K solid color



used for new car parts, small repairs and even the whole car spray.


Sanded and dried old paint film, 2k acrylic primer and 1k primer.
Wet sanding
P800-1000, Day-sanding: P600-800
Surface cleaning


Remove wax, silicone material and other impurities with degrease



Good hiding power and excellent metallic effect. Good adhesion between coats, make up a variety of weather resistant binders, high quality, strong covering power

Mix ratio


1K color: Thinner= 1: 1

Flash-off time


5-10 mins between coats, 25℃

Coats Thickness 2-3 coats, total 40-60um



Dry Time:

Tempreture Dust free Tack free Dry to handle Dry to polish
25℃ 35mins 2-3hours 8hours 15hours
60℃ 10mins 15mins 50mins 60mins



Shelf Life:

2 years in original sealed can in cool and dry place at 25℃




1L, 4liter, 20liter



Applicable substrates:
original paint, all new strength primers, ash spraying and (GRP) polyester substrates.

Construction technology:

1. Clean&Shade

Remove wax oil and other impuritieswith deoiling detergent Examine andassess the location and extent of damage.


2. Grind damaged parts

Grinding with abrasive paper(#80# 2000). Dry grinding withsandpaper(#80, 120, 180) first.


3. Dust cleaning

Use a degreaser to remove greasefrom the workpiece.


4. Fill& Grind

Add thne hardener I proportionmix and fill the putty, Sanding(#80. 120, 180) after drying.


5. Clean &Grind

Clean the surface again, and thenfinely grind the filling to the leveof the paint.


6. Spray primer surfacer

Mix and spray primer according toproduct requirements, each layerneeds to be matte.


7. Grind primer surfacer

After the primer is dried, dry sandingpaper(3320-400)is used with atwo-way sander. Manual grindingon the edge(#600-800)


8. Clean & Wipe

Use a cleaner to clean the grease.and tack cloth to clear of dustand particles.


9. Spray 1K color paint

Add thinner as requiredspray2-3ayers, spray interval of 5-10nutes per layer.


10. Spray Varnish(clear coat)

Add hardener and thinner asrequired, spray two layerseach interval is 5-10 minutes.


11. Dry Bake

After the varnish is sprayed. it needbe allowed to stand for 10-15minutes can be baked or driednatur.


12. Waxing &Polish

Can be sanded with abrasivepaper(#2000)first if necessaryThen use related products forwaxing and polishing

1. choose drying agents and diluents according to different temperatures.
2. if the drying speed is accelerated, special drying agent can be selected to replace thinner.
3. spray plastic parts must first add oil softener and then add drying agent.

Saft Precautions :


1. Work in a well ventilated environment

2. Wear safety equipment

3. Keep paint thinner away from acid substances

4. Keep away from inflammable and explosive materials

5. It is forbidden to use paint thinner as general cleaner

6. Never smoke near




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