• Chrome Effect Pigment Silver Metallic Automotive Paint Colors Weather Resistant
  • Chrome Effect Pigment Silver Metallic Automotive Paint Colors Weather Resistant
  • Chrome Effect Pigment Silver Metallic Automotive Paint Colors Weather Resistant
Chrome Effect Pigment Silver Metallic Automotive Paint Colors Weather Resistant

Chrome Effect Pigment Silver Metallic Automotive Paint Colors Weather Resistant

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China Guang
Brand Name: FantasyColor

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: ≥300 Liters
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: 4 cans or 18 cans per box. We can supply different carton size to meet your demand .
Delivery Time: 10-25 days from the date of order confirmation
Payment Terms: Visa,Paypal,T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 20000 Cartons Monthly production
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Detail Information

Product Name: 1K Silver Metallic Base Coat Colors Car Paint Color: Silver, Yellow, Red, Blue, White Etc.
Usage: Car Paint, Appliance Paint, Plastic Coating, Boat Paint, Furniture Paint Application Method: Spray
Type: Custom Automotive Paint, Acrylic Refinish Car Paint Colour, Liquid Coating, Topcoat, Two Components Feature: High Gloss, Weather Resistance, Liquid Coating, Good Property, Good Adhesion
Packing: Standard Export Cartons Shelf Life: 2 Years, Two Years Before Being Opened, Cool And Dry Place At 25℃, 2 Years In Original Sealed Can
High Light:

metallic silver car paint


metallic silver auto paint

Product Description


Silver metallic automotive paint chrome effect pigment metallic paint colors 1k primer metallic paint colors



The substantial advantages


1. unique metallic brilliance

2. outstanding light fastness

3. good hiding power and high colour strength

4. excellent heat resistance

5. good colour stability during the powder coating curing process



It has excellent weathering resistance and salt spray resistance. It’s widely applied on various outdoor metal products such as agricultural machinery, auto parts, courtyard fence, fitness equipment, industrial equipment, outdoor lights, air-conditioning outer machine, architecture materials, automobile wheel-hub,auto topcoat and etc.



1K(Single component acrylic acid) silver powder-colored series
Code-name Product name Specification packing specifications Application and characteristics
L-97A Diamond Silver 1 L 18cans/piece Commonly used silver powder
4 L 4cans/piece
1K-65 Orange Red Silver 1 L 18cans/piece Shimmering orange gold with dark sides
4 L 4cans/piece
1K-66 Blue shining silver 1 L 18cans/piece Sparkle like a blue diamond with dark sides
4 L 4cans/piece
1K-67 Imitated electroplated silver 1 L 18cans/piece Imitated silver electricity, suitable for spraying automobile wheel hub
4 L 4cans/piece
1K-68 Medium white Silver 1 L 18cans/piece Small particle size,white and gray front
4 L 4cans/piece
1K-69 Medium fine white silver 1 L 18cans/piece The granule is very fine, front and sides are white
4 L 4cans/piece
1K-70 Extra Fine Silver 1 L 18cans/piece The granule is very fine,front is white ahd gray
4 L 4cans/piece
1K-71 Fine silver 1 L 18cans/piece Fine particles, dark front, dark side white
4 L 4cans/piece
1K-72 Fine white silver 1 L 18cans/piece Small particle size,white front and sides
4 L 4cans/piece
1K-73 Fine Sparkle Silver 1 L 18cans/piece Front shines and dark side
4 L 4cans/piece
1K-74 Medium Grain Silver 1 L 18cans/piece Medium particle size, white front, dark side and wide use
4 L 4cans/piece
1K-75 Medium Flash Silver 1 L 18cans/piece Metal effect is strong, the white front shining more
4 L 4cans/piece
1K-76 Fine White Flash Silver 1 L 18cans/piece Granule thicker than fine silver , white front shining, slightly dark side
4 L 4cans/piece
1K-77 Medium Coarse silver 1 L 18cans/piece Scintillation effect, front white, wide use
4 L 4cans/piece
1K-78 Coarse silver 1 L 18cans/piece The front is bright and the sides are dark
4 L 4cans/piece
1K-79 Extra coarse silver 1 L 18cans/piece The particles are the coarsest, especially scintillating,the hardest
4 L 4cans/piece



Mixing Ratio Basecoat Thinner
  1 0.8-1
‹18℃ 1K Basecoat Fast
18-30℃ 1K Basecoat Standard
>30℃ 1K Basecoat Slow



Spray Gun & Pressure
Gravity Feed 1.2-1.5mm 3-5kg/cm2
Suction Feed 1.5-1.7mm 35-kg/cm2



Notes 1. After the (1k) primer is applied, the varnish can be sprayed
with only a suitable rest time. After the matte finish is appropriate
or dry, the rest time should not exceed 1.5 hours, otherwise it will lead Play varnishes peeling.
2. If there is any dust particles on the painted surface, use P1500-P2000 sandpaper, lightly grind, lightly spray 1 pass paint, then spray varnish.
3. In case of high temperature, high humidity or large area spraying, the amount of thinner may be increased or selected special slow-drying thinner.



Supporting Product


1) clear coat ( varnish ) : B-9800 , A-940

2) primer : 2K first coating primer , 2K epoxy primer , plastic primer

3) thinner : fast-drying thinner , general thinner , slow-drying thinner

4) filler : 1k filler ( red ash ) 

5) primer sufacer : 1K primer surfacer ( grey , red , yellow )

6) matte paint : dulling agent

7) degreaser : deoiling

8) putty : polyester putty PGZ - K - Mo , ect



The paint is a professional automobile paint, which is recommended to be used by professional technicians or under the guidance of professional technology. The final performance effect of the paint will be affected by the temperature difference of the working environment, dust, grinding technology, construction technology, spraying method, humidity and other factors, and will show different effects
Mixing proportion: color paint: diluent = 1:0.8-1, diluent shall be added during spraying to ensure full and complete integration of paint. Note: the volatility of diluent has certain influence on painting effect; color paint here refers to finish paint
Usage: paint mixture diluent should be sprayed in 30 minutes after searching for catalpa; filter with paper funnel and add into the spray pot for use, the number of spraying layers is generally 23, the total thickness is about 1525um; spray interval of each layer is 510 minutes in 25ttf, after three layers are sprayed, leave for 1520 minutes, and then spray the varnish layer again
Dosage: generally, the car needs about 3L color paint, and the theoretical spraying area of 1l color paint is 3-5m2
Construction site: for the hardened and polished old paint layer, it is recommended to spray the intermediate primer first (it is not recommended to spray directly on the metal surface or plastic surface on the soft base material of Zhongchuan series intermediate paint, gray primer and sprayed isolation layer).




1. handle gently, and no acute collision.
2. keep lids tightly sealed
3. store in cool and dry place in tightly closed lid.
4. keep away from heat and direct sunlight.
5. prevent formation of dust.
6. Ensure good ventilation.
7. after long time storage,the paste becomes drier than before,please recheck the products before use to avoid any loss.



Saft Precautions :


1. Keep container in a well ventilated and cool place

2. Keep away from fire

3. Avoid contact with eye and skin

4. Wear suitable gloves and eyes protection

5. Don't empty into drains

6. Against static discharges




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